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Expert Machinery Manufacturer in the Field 150 Years of Experience

The beginning of the stories of our Companies takes 20 years of experience in the production of confectionery products such as Crackers, Biscuits and Waffles (KESKİN GIDA SANAYİ A.Ş - UFUK BİKÜVİLERİ) and about 150 years of experience passed from our forefathers to the production of, Halva, Turkish Delight and other confectionery products.

The company 'Keskin Teknoloji Makine' offers complete solutions for the food industry - making lines for the production of enrobing machines, dragee machines, chocolate producing lines, wafer lines, Turkish Delights, halva, nuts bars, muesli bars, fruit bars, nougat candies, cereal bars, candies, corn chips, baklava, pishmanya machines processing lines and varying degrees of processing of seeds and nuts, fruits. Individual machines and complex lines supplied to our company take into account everything necessary for first-class work and production of high-quality products.

Our company has adopted the PRINCIPLE of giving importance to after-sales services as much as it gives importance to MANUFACTURING and SALES, in accordance with its principles.


Over the past 20 years, our company has developed and implemented many technical innovations to improve product quality, cost-effective production results while maintaining traditional technologies. We have patents and international certificates.

In our AR-GE studies, especially in the food sector, machine manufacturing;
  • You receive a brand-new system of latest design standard, executed for your task. The offered solution is most flexible and can be adapted to your future needs.
  • Most modern design ensures highest hygienic standard by separating the driving section from product section. Secondly first-class access to clean and maintain the system easily.
  • The technology we are using is proven, most modern and refers to the latest state of the art. This quality means safe production, low maintenance and high availability of the machine.
  • Excellent quality of all chosen components to ensure safe operation and to minimize maintenance.
  • You will work together with an experienced supplier. Keskin Makine is a leading automation solution partner for most of the machinery manufacturers in the Turkish market since 20 years – for your safe decision.High outputs and high machine efficiencies together with a space-saving layout are giving you all economies of scale which make your investment worthwhile for the future.

Keskin Technology Machines PLC Packaging Food Import and Export

25 +

More than 20 Specially Designed New Systems

150 +

Years of Work Experience

325 +

More Satisfied Customer

Totally tailored to your needs

It is completely manufactured from A2 Heat and 304 stainless material.

You will have a brand new system specially designed for your needs. The solution proposed to you will have as much flexibility as possible, taking into account your future needs.

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